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Great helper
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Joined: 29th Jul 2017
Rank: Member
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29th Jul 2017

hi i just wanted to say that titustitus98 is a great helper and definitively deserves a promotion!
Joined: 2nd May 2017
Rank: Member
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7th Aug 2017

Hi I just want to say that Titus is not Helper and he does not deserve a promotion!

Atomix Prison Moderator | M rank currently ingame

Joined: 16th Nov 2016
Rank: Member
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8th Aug 2017

Well, i think that titus is a great helper, and he should get his rank back, as staff in atomix, cuz he helped me aloooot, he is a great friend, so please give him his rank back, ty

Last Edit: 8th Aug 2017 by Amar_Craft_MCYT
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