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Dusk_2_Dawn's Helper Application
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Do you think that I should be Staff?

I don't really know

Joined: 19th Sep 2017
Rank: Member
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19th Sep 2017

Player Information

In Game Name:


How Active are you as a Player?
I play at least once a day for like 30 minutes.

Did you join the discord? (If not, do /help and click the furnace)
I have joined the Discord server

Please Answer The Following Questions To Your Fullest Extent

Please Describe Prior Staff Experience Below (Responsibilities/Position)


Well MC-Network is a server that was recommended to me by my friend Techdude404. I joined the server and I played for about 2 - 3 days and then applied for helper. I applied because they said they had problems and I thought I could be useful to them. About half and hour after I applied, I got accepted. I was pretty happy and already got straight to work. I worked for about 2 - 3 weeks and some major server issues came up and there we a lot of plugins taken off of the server (not going to mention who did). I gave them all of the premium plugins I had that were missing, and got promoted to senior admin. I was still helping for about another week or so and more problems have arisen, and once again I fixed the problems and got promoted to a Developer. I was still helping out the server in every possible way. I expanded the server by getting them more servers like a hub and some other people got some other servers to help out. Eventually, I had done so much work on the server that I actually got promoted to Co-Owner on all of their servers.

My Server, DuskCraft / DuskPrisons:

On about July 1st, I decided that I would be ready enough to run a minecraft server (I started before I knew about MC-Network). I decided to make a prisons server and that I would hopefully get successful enough and grow. I learned quite a lot about plugins in my experience. I didn't get far because I wasn't able to afford it for another month. I will actually be starting back up the server soon.

Were you removed from the Staff Team:
On every server that I was staff on, I was never removed.

Atomix is currently in its developing stages. A staff team that can help grow the server is necessary. With that being said, please answer the following questions.

Staff Position you are applying for:

What do you think the responsibilities this staff position are?
The responsibilities of a helper would be to help anyone who doesn't quite understand something and to also help out the server in the best ways possible

Why do you want to be staff on Atomix?
I just want to be staff on Atomix because it is a great server and has an amazing community.

How active would you be as a Staff Member?
I would be on as often as I usually am, 30 minutes every day.

Why should we pick YOU over another Application?
Because I believe that I can help you grow and expand. I also know quite a bit about the server and I know a lot about plugins.

Please respond to the following with brief and concise answers

What would you do in response to the scenarios below?

A player is advertising another server in chat:
I would warn them first. If they continue, I would warn them a second time. And if they still continued, I would tempmute them for about 1 hour.

A player is using curse words in the chat:
I would first warn them. If they continued, I would just jump straight to a tempmute because I don't like that sort of behavior

A player picked up an item that another player accidentally dropped and the player who dropped it wants it back:
I would tell them to give it back to them kindly. If they wouldn't, I would just warn them.

A player is threatening another player or staff member:
I would start of with a warning, if they continue, I will give them a tempmute. After that expires, if they continue, I will then drop a 1 day tempban.

A player is being accused of using hacks:
I would kindly tell them to stop and if they believe they are hacking, then get proof and report them on the forums, or the less likely thing, I will teleport to them and check if they are or not.

A player continues to break the rules after being told not to:
If someone kept breaking the rules after being told not to, I will then warn them. If they continue, I will then tempban them for 1 day.

A player is disrupting the peace with: Profanity, Capitals, Illiteracy, Spam, Personal Problems:
I will first warn them. If they were to continue, I will tempmute them for 1 hour. If they continue after that, I will tempban them for 1 day.

Describe yourself - (Personality, Interests, etc.)
I consider myself to be a kind, friendly, gently, and intelligent person. I very rarely get enraged at something, and if I do I will just try to calm myself in real life.

Some of my interest are:
Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese / Pizza
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Favorite TV Show: Gotham
Do you have any other skills that we could utilize for our server?
I don't really know
Were you referred by one of our staff members?

Thank you for applying. Do not ask about the status of your application.
Joined: 10th Jul 2016
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9th Oct 2017

Hello Dusk!

I apologize for the delayed response.

I haven't been recruiting many new staff members as the community has been very quiet. I would love for this to change, but I know it will take a lot of active work and involvement.

It is great that you have prior staff experience. When I choose staff members, I look for players who understand how to take care of a community and deal with rule breakers.

Thanks for sharing some personal information with me! It helps me get a better idea of who is applying for staff

Right now, there is no major need for staff (for the reasons mentioned above). However, when the time comes, I will be sure to contact you in discord if I will be needing the help with staff.

Thanks Dusk!
Sorry for the late response.

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