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FuzzyGamingHD's Staff Application
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Joined: 2nd May 2017
Rank: Member
Likes 4
7th Aug 2017

In Game Name:

  • My current ingame name is FuzzyGamingHD.


  • I am currently 15 years old.

How Active are you as a Player?

  • I am going to be very active in the coming days once I am done with all the projects I have been working on.

Did you join the discord? (If not, do /help and click the furnace)

  • I have joined the Discord, and my username is idek#9215 if you need to contact me.

Please Describe Prior Staff Experience Below (Responsibilities/Position)

  • I have been a staff member on several different servers in my past, and I have had many different roles as a staff-member. I will start off with my low tier experiences as ranks like Helper and Moderator. As Helper and Mod, I had a few different tasks that I was there to do. On an HCF server, I was a Moderator for about 4 months. I was there to catch Cheaters and Rule breakers as much as I could, and I caught a lot of them. I learned a lot from this position, which helped me in the future with my other positions.

I have also been a Moderator on this server, Atomix Prison. I helped Moderate     

the chat on this server for about 3 weeks back in may. I enjoyed my time as a Mod here and wanted to continue, until an issue I ran into got in the way and got me demoted from my position. Anyways, my job here was to pretty much watch chat and pvp to see if I could find rule breakers, and I also was here to help players with their issues that they encountered ingame.

I have also had an Administrator position on a Prison server before. I had that positions for roughly a month. What I was there to do was catch hackers and spammers in chat, moderate forums and do some other helpful things for my higher up staff members and the players on the server. This had to be my favorite server that I have been staff on. It really helped me with my behind the scenes experience as a staff member.

Now we wind it down to my very final staff experience/position in the past. I owned a server for about 3 months. It was a Prison server, customly coded and customly built up and it was a pretty successful. I managed pretty much everything on the server, I only had a Manager and 1 admin.

Where you removed from the Staff Team?

  • Well, I had 1 demotion, well, half demotion. It was here. Me and the Owner got into a little argument about something which I will not reveal, and I got myself demoted, but also resigned at the same time. Every other server that I was staff on either shutdown, or I resigned.

Staff Position you are applying for:

  • I’d like to apply for Helper/Moderator.

What do you think the responsibilities this staff position are?

  • As a staff member, you are responsible to help the players with their issues and questions that they come accross. You also have to be very active to be ableto keep chat clean and the server clean. That’s how it has been for me in the past.

Why do you want to be staff on Atomix?

  • I want to become staff on Atomix as I want to help the server out as much as I can with all the necessary things that need to be worked on. I have always wanted to help support this server as much as I could, and I must say, I have not achieved that goal yet. I want to come back to the server so that I can help out in anyway possible. I have always wanted to help, so why not come back and do it again? I also want to become staff because I have straight up enjoyed this server more than I ever thought I would.

How active would you be as a Staff Member?

  • As holding a staff position is a very serious thing to me, I would be extremely active as a Staff Member ingame, hopefully around 4-5 hours contributed per day.

Why should we pick YOU over another Application?

  • I should be picked over other candidates because I have quite a bit of staff experience in my past time as a Minecraft player. I have learned many things from those positions I held and I believe that they can help me out here as well. I also should be accepted to the staff team because I can be the most active staff member and/or member on the server whenever needed. I can go beyond 5 hours a day sometimes as I really want to dedicate myself to the position. I am also a very kind person, and have always been very kind as a staff member. I respect whatever details a certain player might have as we are all pretty much players and we all are equal to each other. I am mature most of the time aswell and hope to continue to become as mature as I can. I handle things very appropriately, and when it is needed, I will be very serious.

A player is advertising another server in chat:

  • Immediately, they would be permanently banned from any server that I was staff on, if I had permission to do so.

A player is using curse words in the chat:

  • Swearing is allowed on most Minecraft servers, but it should be kept to a limit, in my opinion. If the swearing by a single player gets to be too severe, I would either tempmute them or warn them.

A player picked up an item that another player accidentally dropped and the player who dropped it wants it back:

  • I would ask the played who picked it up to give it back, but if it was easily re-obtainable, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

A player is threatening another player or staff member:

  • I would talk to them and get them to stop. If they don’t, I would mute them.

A player is being accused of using hacks:

  • I would first ask the player to hop in a discord call so that I could briefly discuss it with him and then

A player continues to break the rules after being told not to:

  • On the servers I have been staff on in the past, any broken rules were to be punished with a warn immediately, if it was not one of those needing a ban or mute.

A player is disrupting the peace with: Profanity, Capitals, Illiteracy, Spam, Personal Problems:

  • I would honestly start a msg with them and it would be started like this:

“Hey man, what’s up? Why are you talking in chat like that?” or something along

the lines of that.

Do you have any other skills that we could utilize for our server?

  • I am very quick at initiating a SS and I am very efficient when it comes to doing on on a certain player. I am a very knowledgable person, about this server, Minecraft and the real world.

Were you referred by one of our staff members?

  • I was not referred by a staff member on here at all, it was purely out of the decision of mine to apply for staff here.

Atomix Prison Moderator | M rank currently ingame

Joined: 10th Jul 2016
Rank: --
Likes 10
9th Oct 2017

Hey Fuzzy.

Talk to me on discord if you are interested in a staff role again.

I'm sure you are aware of the current state of the community on the server. I am looking to work to change this, but I can't give an exact date as to when I will be able to do so.

Professional staff is always welcomed to the team.

Talk to you soon!

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