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My Staff Application
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Joined: 11th Aug 2017
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14th Oct 2017

In Game Name:
- Warrior1321
- 16

How Active are you as a Player?
- Joined 2 days ago played 22 hours so I think I am really active.

Did you join the discord? (If not, do /help and click the furnace)
- Yes, My name on discord is Aaron

Please Answer The Following Questions To Your Fullest Extent

Please Describe Prior Staff Experience Below (Responsibilities/Position)
- My past experience consists of 3 servers, one server was a prison server in which I was tasked of banning and muting players and another factions server which again I was just banning and muting players, both of these servers were over 2 years ago.

I was staff for 9 months and in these 9 months I learnt a lot, One of the main things I learnt whilst being staff was how to learn from one another. I also leant reason to  ban players who were using Hacked clients. Over time I made a lot of good friends who I still talk to on a daily basis.

Where you removed from the Staff Team?
- From some yes, But from others no reason I was removed was because I quit for a full year due to being in year 11 in school so I had to focus but others I left because the server was becoming dead and I just wanted to find other servers that I like and that I can make good.

Atomix is currently in its developing stages. A staff team that can help grow the  server  is necessary. With that being said, please answer the following questions.

Staff Position you are applying for:
- Helper
What do you think the responsibilities this staff position are?
- The responsibilities of a helper is to make sure the chat is pg making sure that people are not being disrespectful as well as making sure they are not using caps. Also making sure that anyone who is spamming gets a mute if I believe they need one.
Why do you want to be staff on Atomix?
- I want to be staff because since I have joined this server I have been here so much dedicating my life to this server so no doubt even if I didn’t get staff I promise I will still play all the time dedicating my time to this server as much as I can.
How active would you be as a Staff Member?
-I will be on a lot on Thursday-Sunday due to no college but Monday-Wednesday I will be on just not as much.
Why should we pick YOU over another Application?
-I think you should pick me for the reasons: I am trustworthy if I get asked to be the middle man in a trade I will not scam ect. I will make sure that the trade is successful. I will also make sure that anyone asking questions will get the answer to it. Even if I have to find out by asking a higher staff or someone who has been here longer I will make sure I answer their question.

Please respond to the following with brief and concise answers 

What would you do in response to the scenarios below?

A player is advertising another server in chat:
- I would tempban them for 1 week or even perm ban.

A player is using curse words in the chat:
-I would tempmute them for like 10mins then if they carry on I would mute them for 30min if they then carry on I would take it to a ban and do a 1 hour ban.

A player picked up an item that another player accidentally dropped and the player who dropped it wants it back:
- I would talk to the person who picked it up and ask if he could give it back but because he dropped it I cant really do much because it was his own fault.

A player is threatening another player or staff member:
- Instant perm ban this is for the fact that threatening behaviour is a criminal offence.

A player is being accused of using hacks:
- I would ask the person who was being accused to screen share me and if he fails to do this then I would have to tempban him for failure to screen share a staff member

A player continues to break the rules after being told not to:
- I would have to tempban him for failure to stop when asked by a staff member.

A player is disrupting the peace with: Profanity, Capitals, Illiteracy, Spam, Personal Problems:
- I would tempmute them for the reason I believe is right if they continue to do this after their mute then I would mute/ban them for the time I believe is right.

Describe yourself - (Personality, Interests, etc.) I love minecraft. I also like making new friends.


Do you have any other skills that we could utilize for our server? That I can bring new people to the server and we can become a bigger community.

Were you referred by one of our staff members? Nah I just thought because I have a big playtime I think it could go to my advantage because it shows being on the server for 2 days and having a 1day playtime almost shows that I love the server
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Joined: 10th Jul 2016
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15th Oct 2017

Hey Warrior1321, thanks for applying!

I believe that you could be a pretty useful staff member. However, the responsibilities of a helper are much more involved than just chat monitoring and answering questions.

I like for my helpers to ensure that the game is being played fairly by all players. If a helper comes across a bug or an exploit, I expect that helper to report it to me or to other staff.

I will talk to Techdude404 about your application. If you are accepted, you will be contacted in discord!

Thanks again Warrior!
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Joined: 12th Dec 2016
Rank: Member
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16th Oct 2017


I really like your application as well.
If CM decides to choose you to become a part of the team, I will be happy to welcome you on to our team!

Thanks so much for applying and I hope to see a Staff tag on your name very soon!

- Techdude404 | AtomixPrison Helper

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