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25th Nov 2017
OazizYT's Staff application
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Joined: 5th Nov 2017
Rank: Member
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5th Nov 2017

In Game Name:
How Active are you as a Player?
-Very active 
Did you join the discord? (If not, do /help and click the furnace)
- yes i have joined the discord

Please Answer The Following Questions To Your Fullest Extent

Please Describe Prior Staff Experience Below (Responsibilities/Position)
- I have been admin and the responsibilities were to make sure that people aren't griefing, cheating or anything like that 
Where you removed from the Staff Team?
- I was never removed  from the staff team

Atomix is currently in its developing stages. A staff team that can help grow the  server  is necessary. With that being said, please answer the following questions.

Staff Position you are applying for:
- moderator
What do you think the responsibilities this staff position are?
- being active making sure people aren't breaking the rules scamming giving other people money to a different person when they prestige
Why do you want to be staff on Atomix?
- I want to be staff on atomix because i want to make this server the best server ever
How active would you be as a Staff Member?
-I would be on at least everyday
Why should we pick YOU over another Application?
- I think you will pick me over other people because i'm mature  and i put a lot of effort into my application when other people wont put as much effort as i did i even kept writing my application with the glitch on this website

Please respond to the following with brief and concise answers 

What would you do in response to the scenarios below?

A player is advertising another server in chat:
- I will mute them because they are trying to steal members from us 
A player is using curse words in the chat:
- I will Warn them first then keep upgrading the punishment if they keep on doing it 
A player picked up an item that another player accidentally dropped and the player who dropped it wants it back:
- Well for this the person that dropped it should be a little bit more careful so for that reason i wont do anything 
A player is threatening another player or staff member:
- Since they are threatening even staff members as well i will mute them then after the mute if they keep on doing it will get to a temp ban then even a perm ban
A player is being accused of using hacks:
- I will vanish and get the name of the person and watch what he does
A player continues to break the rules after being told not to:
-I will upgrade the punishments but if he even goes on after a temp ban i will perm ban them 
A player is disrupting the peace with: Profanity, Capitals, Illiteracy, Spam, Personal Problems:
- I will mute them straight up and if they keep on doing it i will keep upgrading the punishments

Describe yourself - (Personality, Interests, etc.)
I'm a 16 year old who loves minecraft and my favourite sport is basketball im a mature and very nice person 

Do you have any other skills that we could utilize for our server?
I don't really have many skills that you could utilize but i think this is all i can contribute
Were you referred by one of our staff members?
I was not referred by any of the Staff members
Joined: 10th Jul 2016
Rank: --
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11th Nov 2017

Hello, thanks for applying.

Your app needs some work. On Atomix, staff members do much more than just help people. They have many responsibilities to take care of so that we can work towards a better server overall.

Right now, I don't accept moderator applications. All of my moderators begin as helper and work their way up.

A recommendation would be really great for you!

Thanks again!
Joined: 5th Nov 2017
Rank: Member
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12th Nov 2017

Well First of all Helper is what i was going to start at but when i said the rank i want to get is mod and Helper doesn't have much stuff to do 
Once i get mod i would do alot more then just help people i would also get people engaged and stuff like that so they play this server alot more
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