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Staff Application
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Joined: 15th Jul 2017
Rank: Member
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15th Jul 2017

In Game Name: HeroTrickshotz

Age: 14

How Active are you as a player: I play a wide variety of servers daily. There are only a few servers that I come back to often, Atomix OP Prison will definitely be the server I come back to the most.

Please Answer The Following Questions To Your Fullest Extent

Please Describe Prior Staff Experience Below (responsibilities/Position): 
I have played a wide variety of roles as staff in a wide variety of prison servers. I have taken a role as Helper, Chat-Mod, Mod, Admin, Head-Admin, and Co-Owner/Owner. I feel like I took my job seriously with all of these positions. I have helped with ideas, keeping the chat clear of disrespect, excessive swearing, etc. I am proud of my accomplishments as staff on these past servers. I hope that I will be able to make new accomplishments on Atomix and be proud of those as well.

Were you removed from the Staff Team: No, I have never been removed as a staff member. I have been faced with hard choices with former owners that did not trust other staff members.

Atomix is currently in its developing stages. A staff team that can help grow the server is necessary. With that being said, please answer the following questions.

Staff Position you are applying for: Helper or Mod (And I am hoping to work my way up )

What do you think the responsibilities of this staff position are: For helper, to attend to new players (or even veteran ones) who do not know what something is and/or do not know how to do something. Also, to help keep the server chat at its best for newcomers to get the right idea of the community. For mod however, I believe that a moderator should do everything a helper does, but more. Such as helping people hands on, helping people retrieve lost items (with proper proof) and much much more.

Why do you want to be staff on Atomix: I would like to be part of the staff community in Atomix because it is simply an amazing server. The community is great, very nice people. The crazy part is that it is still in development and is still better then a lot of the other prison servers I have played on.

At this time, what is it that you have to offer to the server: At the time, what I have to offer to the server is my dedicated time, help in chat, new and innovative ideas, help for virtually everything (if permitted), etc.

How active would you be as a Staff Member: I would be very active as a staff member. I would be on almost every day and put my all into this job (if I get it).

Why should we pick YOU over another Application: You should pick me over another application for a couple of reasons. The first being that I have a lot of experience as being a staff member. The second being that I am going to put my devotion into being a staff member (if I become one).

Describe yourself (Personality, Interests, etc.):
I have a chill personality. I have many interests. Most of those interests are involved in Video Games and Sports. I play 3 sports year round and play video games when I get home all of the time. I play on a variety of platforms. These platforms include PC, Xbox One, PS4, and iOS.

Do you have any Developing Experience that we could utilize on our server:
No, unfortunately I do not have any coding skills. I am familiar with server commands though.

Do you have any experience in running your own server that you could share with us:
Yes, I have owned multiple prison servers that weren't as successful as I hoped they would be, and they closed down shortly after 2 months because I could no longer afford to pay for the server. While they were up, they had a average player count of about 7-10 players daily.

Joined: 10th Jul 2016
Rank: --
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17th Jul 2017

Hey hero, thanks for applying! I'm glad you are finding it to be a great time on Atomix. As you said, the server is still being developed. This means that staff members will most certainly be needed once the server begins to entertain a larger community. As you are relatively new to the server, I can't promote you as staff. However, if I myself and the other staff members notice your activity on the server over time, it is likely that you will be considered for a spot on the team. Thanks again! Glad you're enjoying the server : )
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