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Staff Application
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Joined: 15th Jul 2017
Rank: Member
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2nd Aug 2017

In Game Name: HeroTrickshotz

Age: 14

How Active are you as a Player: I am very active as a player, I play everyday for at least 2+ hours.

Did you join the Discord: Yes, I have joined the discord.

Please Describe Prior Staff Experience Below (Responsibilities/Position): I have played a role as staff in many servers. I have played a role as Helper, Mod, Admin, Head-Admin, Co-Owner, as well as owner. I helped out with many aspects of each server I was staff on. Some things include cleaning out chat of negative vibes, disrespect, etc. 

Were you removed from the Staff Team: Yes, on this server

Staff Position you are applying for: Helper or Mod (Preferably Mod)

What do you think the responsibilities of this staff position are: For helper to help anyone on the server (do things such as help them find things, do commands, and to get more familiar with the server). As for mod, I believe mod should have the ability to do everything a helper does, but more. For example, if there is a more technical error that a player needs assistance with, and a helper does not have proper commands to properly help the player, that's where the mod comes in.

Why do you want to be staff on Atomix: I want to be part of the staff team on Atomix because it is truly a great server. Ever since the day I joined I saw that. This has made me want to play Atomix more and more. Especially with the updates, and more players, this server's potential is insanely high.

How active would you be as a Staff Member: I would be very active as a staff member. I would be on every day for at least an hour (average of 2 hours).

Why should we pick YOU over another Application: You guys should pick me over another application because I have a lot more experience than many players that are applying for a spot on the staff team. I am also very familiar with Atomix. I am also a very dedicated staff member and even if I don't get accepted, I am a dedicated player.

What would you do in response to the scenarios below?
A player is advertising another server in chat:
- Ban, advertising may make the server lose players and help another gain

A player is using curse words in chat:
- Warning, if repeated, 20 minute mute

A player picked up an item that another player accidentally dropped and the player who dropped it wants it back:
- Nothing, Scamming is permitted on the server

A player is threatening another player or staff member:
- Temp mute for an hour, if it continues after the hour, Temp ban for a day

A player is being accused of using hacks: 
- If mod, go into /v, tp to the player if in a duel or pvp, and determine if hacks are present. If so, temp ban for a day, if it happens again, temp ban for a week, third offense, perm ban.

A player continues to break the rules after being told not to:
- 1 Day Temp Ban

A player is disrupting the peace with: Profanity, Capitals, Illiteracy, Spam, Personal Problems:
- Warning, Second offense, 1 Hour Mute, Third Offense, 1 Day Mute

Describe yourself (Personality,Interests, etc.): I feel like I have a very fun personality. When I need to be serious, I am. Some of my interests are gaming and sports. My name is Giovanni, but call me Gio .

Do you have any other skills that we could utilize for our server: I am mostly always available, I have a youtube and twitch (I do not use them as much as I used to). 

Last Edit: 7th Aug 2017 by HeroTrickshotz
Joined: 10th Jul 2016
Rank: --
Likes 10
2nd Aug 2017

Thanks for reapplying. While you aren't active enough for Mod, I think you will work well as a helper (as you were). Thanks Hero
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