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Magniedneonate Ban Appeal 2
Forum » Application Templates and Submissions » Ban Appeals
Joined: 16th Nov 2016
Rank: Member
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27th Aug 2017

In-game Name:
Staff Member that Banned You:
Reason for Ban:
"Leave the server and dont come back "
thats what he said :/, i can get a screenshot if u want
Please answer the following questions:
How long have you played on Atomix?
Um like for 1 week
Why should you be unbanned?
because i love the server so much, even if i played in it for like 1 week, but im addicted to it, i cant find any server that is the same as Atomix Prison ;-;, i want to be unbanned, because in atomix you can compete, and i like to compete with other players, i was so happy when i found this server, i hope i get unbanned soon


Forum » Application Templates and Submissions » Ban Appeals
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